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Why Learn Latin.....

A lot of people ask the question "Why learn Latin? It's a dead language and nobody speaks it so what's the point?" I personally was asking this question when I first started leaning Latin, and everyone always told me to because all romance languages stem from it. I did notice this when I was studying, for example murūs is the Lain word for wall and it is from this, we get the term mural. I just learned recently though the reason for this. If you have ever heard the term "Romance Language, your first thought is probably "it probably is a romantic language", but it actually means it comes from Rome. All the different romance languages spoken today (Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.) were formed by different European languages mixing with the official language of the Roman Empire, Latin. The reason for this is because Rome pretty much took over all of Europe. (Not all of it, but you get the idea) Anyways, I hope you find this helpful, and that it encourages you to learn Latin!!!

October 27, 2019



I find this amusing, as the vast majority of the people who can view this post are learning Latin already. :P In any case, one small correction - all languages do not stem from Latin, but all Romance languages do. ;) Latin has simply influenced a vast number of other languages, partly from itself (words being integrated directly from Latin) or through its Romance children (French in particular - rendezvous, raconteur, jongleur, destrier, etc. are all great examples of French-based English words); but that doesn't mean all languages stem from it.

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Thank you for the correction.


Something else is that, it is helpful if you are in the medical or scientific fields, because a lot of the terms are in Latin.


And Greek! You don't really need Greek and Latin for medical studies, you only need to learn a few stems.


Downvoted, but it's true. I studied biology, so I know it.


I learnt Latin at a secondary school only for one year but it helped me when I was learning French and it also helps me guess what some words mean in languages I have never learnt like Spanish, portuguese

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