"Per chi è il pollo?"

Traduzione:For whom is the chicken?

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"Who" is used as the subject in a sentence, "whom" is used as the object in a sentence and also after a preposition. But don't worry too much about it, 99% of English speakers don't use "whom" at all, we just say "who" instead. "Whom" is more for academic writing. For the sentence above I would say "who is the chicken for".

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Thank you

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As far as I know, in spoken language, the sentence sounds like this: who is the chicken for?....."for whom is the chicken" is correct, maybe too much :) a very formal language

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Perchè si deve usare "whom" e non "who"? Grazie!

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Sono inglese e non ho mai detto "whom" ahaha. E' normale dire "who is having the chicken"

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