I just finished a course of classical Latin and going over it again. Duolingo makes the so called dead language come to life! It is amazing! My hope is that Duolingo will have more lessons of this fascinating language and hopefully classical Greek as well.

October 28, 2019


I . . . finished a course of classical Latin . . .

Me too.

Duolingo makes the so called dead language come to life! It is amazing!

Agreed! It was really fun, too.

My hope is that Duolingo will have more lessons of this fascinating language . . .

So do I! And according to the developers that is the intention.

and hopefully [Duolingo will offer] classical Greek as well.

That would be so great. And if a Duolingo classical Greek course would be anything like the Latin course it would be super.

yup I'm looking forward to classical greek as well :)

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

I love this course but is too short until now. I’m trying to proceed as slowly as possible, trying to be at the same pace as the developers. Any developer can tell if it makes sense what I’m doing or I can finish this course and go else where. Thank you

I'm so happy Duolingo added the Latin language! I love studying "the dead language".

Don't call it dead!

i'm not finished it yet :/ but i'm learning now

Does anyone know when is going to be the next expansion?

I also finished Latin last week and would be really excited by some additional content (though I understand real people have to make that, and it's not going to be instantaneous). It's probably helping me to do two practices a day, but not as much as it would to complete a course as developed as the German or Spanish offerings. It'd be really good to get some Latin Duolingo stories as well, even just existing classical texts adapted to the format--I don't know enough about the language to seek out simple material suitable to my current very basic level of competence in the language. I'm also using Clozemaster every day for vocabulary, but don't have the time at the moment (given my primary language-learning commitments) to engage with the Oxbridge courses.

latin is so fascinating duolingo really helps bring it alive again i am having a great experience with latin, it ties in closely - along with greek in my dark academia interests pulvis et umbra sumus

Good job: a milestone reached! Now you are half-way, if you plan to reach the level 25.
And also if you plan to get all the crowns, i.e, reaching the level 5 in every unit.

So this is classical Latin then?

I taught Latin for a long time and it was difficult and boring. With duolingo much more fun!

An expansion to the course by adding the different tenses would be great!

looking forward to classical greek.

While I was expecting more, I suddenly realized that I came to the end of the course. There are still lot to learn! Please make more advanced levels too.

Some resources below that someone might find useful:

Latin & Greek forum:

A place where to look for Latin texts:

A youtube channel into some Latin & Greek:

There are already in the comments some authors (as Cicero for example) that are worth looking into (search for these books, as an example).

Still waiting for the new updates... Big thanks to the development team!!

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