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"poke" option to motivate friends ?


I really like Duolingo and I am telling all my friends about it. So some of them said they were interested, joined and practiced but some of them said they were interested, joined and almost never practiced.

I know it's up to people to practice by themselves, nevertheless I would find it engaging if we could sort of "poke" friends to congratulate them or to encourage them or to tell them they should practice more than once a month! As a reminder, like the one I receive automatically in my mail box, but by "poking" it makes it more personalized. One friend to another.

I never saw the interest of the "poke" option on facebook because you have other way of interacting (inbox or wall). But there it could be of good use ;)

It's just a suggestion ! I love you, duolingo!



April 23, 2013


[deactivated user]

    This better be optional.


    Agreed, although I'd love to poke you every 15 minutes ;-)


    Hi Lulla! Thanks for the suggestion! More ways to motivate others to learn is something we're thinking about. Please share other ideas when they come to you.


    cool! I want this

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