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Student has completed the work, but it's not giving him any credit.

My student just showed me his phone where he has completed about 5 lessons. He has "Not completed" on all of them on my dashboard. Why is this happening?

October 28, 2019



I'm having the same issue. We use DuoLingo as an ESL activity and have 3 separate classes running. 2/19 students show that they've completed the assignment when I look at their accounts from my classroom DuoLingo. However, on their own individual accounts, it shows that they've completed it.


This is a bug that is being worked on. For now, have your students send you screenshots of the "Congratulations" screen. I know it's clunky, but it's the best we can do at the moment.


This has been fixed. Student progress should now be visible on your dashboard after the student logs in.


My students went back to work this afternoon, some are STILL not showing any work! WHAY GIVES???!!! I thought you guys fixed this????????????

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