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"Tuesday is the second day of the week."

Translation:Hogh jaj cha' 'oH povjaj'e'.

October 28, 2019



Why is "cha'" used here instead of "cha'DIch"? As is, wouldn't this mean something along the lines of "Tuesday is the two day of the week"?


When a number without a suffix follows a noun, it's used for counting. Hogh jaj cha' weekday number two. There's not much difference between saying that and saying Hogh jaj cha'DIch second day of the week. The Duolingo example is clearly thinking of these as interchangeable. Whether that's fair or not, I don't know.


cha'DIch is also accepted as an answer.


When translating this sentence from Klingon to English, Duolingo uses {cha'DIch}.

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