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2200 days and 6 years on Duolingo!

I cannot believe it has been 6 years now since i started doing Duolingo, each year i write a post about my progress not just on Duolingo but also my life progress as well. 2019 has hands down been one of the best years of my life, i cannot believe how much has happened for me this year. This year i decided that i would finally get started on things that i have always wanted to do. This year i got into a good fitness routine and i am in much better shape both physically and mentally because of that. I've started reading books this year, which is something i have never been interested in my whole life and now its something i love so much. I got a really nice paying part time job during the summer, was offered to work that job full time, and within a couple months was promoted to a higher position. I bought my first ever car this year which is something i never thought id be able to do. My anxiety has gone down drastically this year, in fact i only had one really bad anxiety attack in 2019 and it was at the start of the year. Overall my life has simply improved this year, nothing has really been bad this whole year and thats such a nice feeling to have, it also feels amazing that i accomplished most of my goals i set for myself this year. And of course since this is Duolingo after all, i should probably talk about how much help Duolingo has been for me, not just this year but for the whole 6 years i have been on this platform. Duolingo has actually been more than just a language learning tool, its really been a way for me to have balance and structure. Having to work on something daily actually teaches a lot of responsibility and helps me to keep a set schedule. As always im incredibly thankful for Duolingo and the experience it has provided me with.

My Duolingo practice has admittedly slowed down a bit this year, sometimes i can only get a couple lessons in a day, but i always make sure to get it done even if i have to force myself to slow down and practice for 5 minutes. Now that i have gotten used to my schedule I've been taking more time to practice and i hope to be able to get working on another language soon. I always say im gonna work on another language each year and i never get to it but by the end of 2020 i would like to finish a new tree. hopefully that will finally happen for me but you never know what life has in store for you.

As always thank you to anyone who took the time to read this and thank you to the amazing Duolingo team for providing free language to the world. I hope everyone has a good day and a great rest of 2019. Good luck to each and every one of you.

EDIT: Wow this post really blew up! Thank you all so much for the kind and positive comments you have all left, i never expected this many people to view this and it feels really nice to see how many wonderful people there are. I have been very busy lately so i havent been able to respond to everyone's comments but i will do my best to respond to everyone when i can. Again i just want to say you all are amazing and i wish you all good luck and good fortune.

October 28, 2019



Now that's persistence !


Thank you very much, also look at all the languages you got! i hope to get that many flags on my profile.


As a wise man once said "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”


I believe that was Bruce Lee, who said that. Good quote.


What a brilliant quote !!


It sounds like you have had a great year. That's wonderful.
Do you think you will be starting another language ? It would be interesting to know what your choice is.


I really want to, in fact i've wanted to for many years now and i just never get to it. im considering either French, Spanish, Italian or Korean.


I'm new to Duolingo but i think since you took Portuguese maybe you should take Spanish because they are very similar. Although, some people would not want to take a language similar to a language they have learnt either because they could mix the 2 or it is too easy and they would have fun doing another language. If you are the type of person that loves practicing new, different and hard languages, go for Korean. If you'd rather do an easy language that will be less of a struggle and pain, do Spanish. This would be good if you have a busy life. But if you don't want it too hard or too easy, go for Italian or French. It depends on the person, just do what you want. Personally and in my opinion, i don;t like studying languages just after i studied a language similar to it mainly because i could mix the 2 languages up and i know how that happens because i studied Chinese and Japanese. Especially when i read i could pronounce a Chinese character as Japanese kanji and get myself embarrassed. But that's the type of person i am. if you can differentiate languages really well, go for Spanish.

hope this was helpful and i hope you meet all you're goals in the future. Because i really got inspired by your post.

Love you and have a great day. <3 <3 <3


They both came from Latin


Congratulations on your achievement!

As for another language, you could try all the ones you listed. After all, there's no requirement to finish one before you go to the next.

If you think that several languages at a time might be overwhelming, then you could always spend a few weeks on each (one at a time), and then later focus on whichever one(s) interest you most on any given day. There's no reason you have to stick with just one language, or master any and all that you try.

(Congrats again! With 630 days more than me, you make me look like a newbie!)


and you make me look a beginner

[deactivated user]

    You make me look like a beginner...


    If I could suggest something, you should take up Italian, the most beautiful of all languages, in my opinion...


    And it seems like you are trying all of them to verify that :) Well done!


    My sister went to Italy. She said going to Italy and Learning Italian was the funniest time she ever had


    I strongly recommend French, it is so engaging and I personally really enjoy learning it. If you have just finished Portuguese then Spanish would be great as it is quite similar to Portuguese. Korean would be very challenging though if you are a native English speaker but if you are up for it, go ahead!


    Still. It doesn't matter how many more flags anyone has than you. I haven't even finished "Wildfire"!


    True but i like the look of it all lol. and hey dont worry about that achievement, i think as long as you're learning the language thats all that matters in the end. Probably should take that advice myself lol.


    Check this man then, he's literally doing every single language and he's got a 6 year streak https://www.duolingo.com/profile/WulfgarGoodread


    That is so great!!!! Keep it up, I am cheering for you :)


    Thank you, im cheering for you too!


    Muito impressionante!

    ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Image: tipping my hat in respect

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Parabéns!

    On accomplishing most of your year's goals,
    and for your successful long time perseverance.


    Thank you, it has been a very fulfilling year for me.


    Wow! Very inspiring! (If I wasn't broke I'd give you a lingot haha.)


    Thank you so much, and i have more than enough lingots to last a lifetime, in fact heres 10 for you!


    Thank you for your generosity!


    You are so welcome in fact heres 10 more for you!


    Looks like the lingot bomber bombed you!


    I would totally agree with that.


    Well, you are no longer broke...


    now people have given you lingots you can use 'em


    Congratulations on achieving this huge milestone!

    My anxiety has gone down drastically this year, in fact i only had one really bad anxiety attack in 2019

    So glad to read this. Sending best wishes that you continue to improve.


    Thank you so much, yeah anxiety really sucks but since my job requires me to interact with people i've noticed its gone down quite drastically.


    Nice job!...Looking forward to the day when I can complete German ;)


    It's truly satisfying when you complete the tree. Good luck on your journey and thank you for your comment.


    Impressive! I didn't know it was possible!
    No freeze?
    How do you do when you are ill?

    I think I have been on Duo, almost since its beginning, but I can't come everyday, or every months. I need pauses, I need it to be a project, and not a routine, and to think about other things, or to have other projects. Now, my project is to finish the Latin course. When the goal will be reached, I will chose another goal, or another project.
    When I use Duolingo, I use it intensively, often many hours a day, so I'm forced to pause sometimes.

    But why didn't you try other languages? I'm surprised than one could still learn in the same language, 5 years later, when the course is not so big.


    Thank you for your comment, i have never used a freeze or anything like that, i just do it daily and i have notifications to remind me if i haven't done it yet. on the routine of Duolingo honestly some days i only get one or two lessons done but there are times when ill do multiple lessons in a day. I have times where im really motivated and times where i simply do it to keep the streak alive but i feel that if i didnt have the streak i wouldn't have something to pull me back into it and get me motivated again. Idk i guess i just like having the streak. I do really want to learn another language but i just haven't gotten to it yet for some reason, im really gonna try and get one more tree completed next year i say that every year but i mean it this time lol. You'd be surprised with all of the updates Duolingo puts out how much more content there is to learn.

    sorry for the wordy response btw i hope that answered your questions, good luck on the learning.

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    Incredible!! Fantastic job!! Best of luck in 2020!!


    if you need help with english The Learning Lab


    Thank you so much, im gonna need all the luck i can get lol.


    You know that takes a lot of time and effort to do it every day for 6 years. I can bleary do it for a week. But keep up the good work and have a good Halloween and good 2020 and good rest of 2019. ;)


    Well thank you for those kind words, i hope you have a good Halloween and a good year as well.


    Congratulations! Duo 28 Duo 39


    That's amazing! Paraphrasing Debbie Millman, expect anything worthwhile to, in fact, take a while. By taking your time to learn something, and to do it day after day, it also becomes a part of you. Learning becomes a part of you. So, most of all, congratulations on your determination and perseverance, those are life-changing skills that transcend anything you're learning here, and are definitely worthy of praise.


    so damn big streak


    Wow, I thought I had a large streak. Nice job.




    Thank you so much!


    Great to hear about such a lucky streak ‼


    Its been a long time but it doesn't really feel like its been that long at the same time too.

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    nice story, good work!!


    Thank you, i see you got a nice streak as well, good luck to you!


    Thank you so much♥


    Congratulations! I wish you all the best, both on duolingo and in your life.


    Thank you so much, good luck to you as well :)


    Wow, this is great and a post worth! :)


    Thats very nice of you to say, thank you and good luck. Impressive streak by the way.


    This was a great read :) Thanks for sharing


    That is insane! Congrats on your huge accomplishment! Your determination is inspiring, keep up your awesome work you're doing fantastic <3




    6 years straight.. Wow. That's quite amazing. I'm currently learning Russian, and I hope to be as successful as you. Best of luck to your future of learning!




    Congratulations. I will follow you. Keeping life in balance is such a challenge for me. Practicing language, musical instruments, work, fitness, spirit, etc. I find Duolingo comforting as a short but habitual routine. I don’t push hard but just try to do a little every day. A little bit goes a long way. Once again, congratulations!


    Thank you so much for sharing. It's awesome to learn the stories behind these big streak milestones, and you really seem to have worked hard to improve your life. Spectacular work—thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us! Cheers for 2020! Duo coach says you got this Marshallissane


    It really has been for me, i hope this year has treated you kindly, and if it wasnt your year then i am wishing you a great 2020!


    Congrats on your improvement of self- descipline, goal accomplishment, and lower anxiety levels. That is inspiring to a lot of people who read your post.


    Thank you so much, of all the things the lowered anxiety has been probably my favorite thing i gained, its held me back for such a long time and i just decided i dont care about my anxiety, i gotta do what i gotta do. i hope others can see that it can be done as well.


    Wow. It's just so great to see somebody like you who decided to stop getting caught up in their life problems and moving ahead. I am so inspired!!!!


    Good job on the streak, you know can earn more money and can understand customers better


    Congratulations on your achievement!


    WOW you are half wat there to


    Thanks! I bought a streak freeze a while back, but have NEVER used it. Thankfully, I've gotten into a groove of daily studying.


    keep it up i'm behind you

    [deactivated user]

      Lol I'm a little too far behind you haha


      Thank you for your story. Keep doing whatever makes you feel good. Always. ;)


      Congratulations on reaching the 2200-day milestone and sharing more about yourself and 2019. Best wishes now and in the future. :)


      have you learned every language in the world


      As always thank you to anyone who took the time to read this and thank you to the amazing Duolingo team for providing free language to the world. I hope everyone has a good day and a great rest of 2019. Good luck to each and every one of you.

      D'awww you sound like a really nice person, pls come to Mexico I'll always protec u c:

      Os meus parabéns pelo suo logro dos días.


      more like you sound like a really nice person


      So, curious...are you fluent in another language due to Duolingo?


      That's amazing! I just reached my 600th day today and it has been a struggle at times so I can't imagine what 6 years will look like, but now I know it's possible because of what you have shared. Thanks you so much for sharing and I hope you'll keep going.


      Congratulations on reaching such a huge achievement, just keep yourself motivated and switch up the routine a bit, its helped me out a lot.


      Your 2019 sounds like mine... I too feel the same way for this year - many accomplishments and personal improvements, on similar areas. What I see is that persistent small steps day by day is the way to progress. I 'm happy for you - keep up.


      Amazing story! Great job! Congratulations!


      Dang that is so long! Congratulations! Good luck with more languages:)


      Wow! That's amazing! 6 years is a long time to be learning a language. I'm thoroughly impressed. If I hadn't been RELEARNING Chinese, I probably would have given up on it already.


      Congratulations Marshallissane! (lingots) :)


      Six years in Duolingo is quite impressive. Congratulations! We all have good days and bad days, and I'm so happy for you that you have found a balance in your life.


      Congrats! If I wasn't so busy, I'd go for it too! Unfortunately, I can't get any other languages started. #payme

      [deactivated user]

        Congratulations! I see your name on Duome and it is so nice to know some of your Duo story.


        What is Duome?

        [deactivated user]

          The duome.eu website contains the streak hall of fame and lots of other fun stuff. It has a lot of information on your progress too. You can look up your progress by going to duome.eu/mercyveer/progress. You should check it out.


          The two had things about this year is school and the weather. School is self explanatory but the weather up here in the Black Hills has been chilly. In May we had snow which really messed up our field trips. Another thing that was bad about this year is that I broke both my wrists.

          There were good things that happened too. One is that our ms varsity team for knowledge bowl got first place so we get to go to regionals. Another thing is that I did was write " The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost" in cursive which I hate to do.


          Wow, Congratulations!! 6 years, that's the longest streak I've ever seen. I'm a new Duolingo user myself, and this post is a big inspiration for me to not only start taking Duolingo seriously but just to get my whole life more in order.

          +1 Lingot :p


          Thank you so much, Honestly if you can commit to learning every day, other aspects of your life can improve in small but meaningful ways. Were all on our own journey, dont ever compare your life to someone else's, you have your own road to travel and if it feels right to you, then it is right. Good luck!


          So cool and inspiring!


          Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :)


          Fantastic! Keep up the excellent work!


          Thank you so much, and wow it looks like youve had quite a fruitful time on duolingo. I bow to thee.


          Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You should be very proud.


          That is an amazing accomplishment and one I can only dream of at this point. You are right, you never know what life has in store for you, but goals are always important, even if you don't end up where you thought you'd be. Good luck for continued language studies!


          The streak system helps so much with creating good habits. By providing the desire to protect you work every day, and that routine of doing it every day transcends to other aspects of life. I started by working out every day which brought me to language learning and by extension Duolingo! Now we're firing on all cylinders of mental/physical health and DAMN it feels goodu


          It feels good to be good, the consistency has taught me a lot about myself in life and given me a pretty solid work ethic and helped me to form positive habits.


          Congrats! I understand the commitment required to achieve a streak like yours, and your story serves as a testament to the idea that daily dedication to small tasks (duolingo lessons) can build positive habits and lead to success in other aspects of life. I've noticed a lot of the same positive effects flowing from my streak.

          As far as your next tree, Spanish should come relatively easy for you after "mastering" Portuguese. That sounds like a reasonable goal for next year.


          Wow thats crazy to think we stared just fave days between each other. I like the idea of learning Spanish and its more than likely going to be the next language i pick up. Congrats to you on your streak as well.


          Probably more like 10 days, I've used a few streak freezes over the years. So you've got me beat in that department. I do regret not starting the streak when they first introduced it, but I guess 2200 ain't bad :)


          WOW, then you are among the Duosaurs ...congrats!


          I like to think myself as a Duosaurus rex.


          Regina perhaps? ;-)))


          I don't how you did that, but that must have taken a really long time! I admire you very much! Just wondering, what do you mean by you have a life-long supply of lingots? How many can a person own?!


          Lingots build up really quickly when you have a long streak. Everytime you hit a multiple of 10, you get (streak/10) lingots as a reward. So, for those with a 2000 day streak, that's 200 new lingots every 10 days.

          That said, the users with the highest lingot totals gained many of theirs through the old Immersion feature on the site. This feature allowed you to earn lingots by submitting articles to be translated by other users, but was discontinued several years ago.


          Yeah. I bet she is doing way better than you could ever do. Mr. HOSTILE


          For me too, Duolingo is more than just language learning, as you said it provides some kind of structure and sense direction for me, and I struggle with anxiety problems too. Your post inspired me so much that I searched and found your posts from the previous 5 years! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. :)

          My first year with Duolingo\ Meu primero ano com Duolingo. (Thank you Duo) https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/5084858

          TWO years on Duolingo!?!? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11153820/TWO-years-on-Duolingo

          My 2016, a reflection on my year & Three years on Duolingo https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/19889983/My-2016-a-reflection-on-my-year-Three-years-on-Duolingo

          4 YEARS ON DUOLINGO! And the streak that kept me motivated. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24924451/4-YEARS-ON-DUOLINGO-And-the-streak-that-kept-me-motivated

          Half a decade on Duolingo. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29326435/Half-a-decade-on-Duolingo


          That's so kind of you, i make sure to post every year as a life jornal of sorts. I never expect people to read them as i mostly just do it for myself, like a diary so to speak but i am happy my posts can help others. I am wishing the best of luck with your anxiety and i hope things gets better and you have a happy stress free life. Good luck


          I got super obsessed with learning Japanese and fell off with it in about a month x.x But I'm easing myself back into it now!


          Anything to get you back into learning, dont worry about the streak as long as you learn the language thats all that matters, im rooting for you! Good luck.


          Congrats on doing Duolingo for 6 years, I hope to do Duolingo for 6 years two. Heck a year will make me proud of myself, Congrats again and good luck on trying to get 7 years if you want


          Be proud of each day you spend learning something new, if you're learning something new you're improving yourself. Good luck on duolingo and in life!


          congratulations on all your achievements I hope they continue.


          Great job! Keep doing what you're doing!


          You're inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story! I feel that Duolingo has such a constant presence in my life in the past years too. It gives me motivation to be consistent in other parts of my life as well.


          Thats exactly how i feel about it too! It actually imrpoves your life in so many other ways. Thank you for the comment and good luck to you!


          Grats, I just started last week but so far I am loving it. Linguistics has always been my weakest subject and I am hoping the gamifying of it will help me correct this weak spot in my education.


          Thats amazing, people often want to improve in something they're already good at, instead of what they should improve on. Stepping out of your comfort zone if the first step to truly improving your life, congrats on starting this journey, keep going and good luck.


          Congrats!!! Just 2188 more days for me to catch up :P


          Congratulations on your milestone but more importantly I am pleased to read that your life has improved. I also live with anxiety and I'm so happy you have only had one attack at the start of the year. I hope to be able to make the same progress you have. I joined duo lingo a month ago and it's great to have something to focus on. Congratulations and thank you for inspiring me :)


          I strongly recommend duolingo to people with anxiety, it helps wake up those logical parts in the brain and helps to turn off the emotional stresses which are often affected during episodes of high anxiety triggers. Good luck to you on everything!


          That's a lot of days. I just took a week off. Have fun.


          Marshallissane, you are amazing!
          Best of luck to you and your life goals in 2020.


          well done :) hope for the best in the years to come


          Congratulations! It's for people like you that I support Duolingo with a plus membership. What a great story!


          Hey there! New to duo, but it's helping me a lot! I would suggest you take spanish if you are looking for a new language, its very helpful to learn, as many countries around the world speak it! Great job buddy, good luck in 2020!


          Thank you, im pretty set on learning Spanish next year, it feels like the most logical choice, plus i live in an area with a heavy Spanish speaking population.


          Parabéns! Estou tão feliz por você! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Trying a reverse tree of English for a Portuguese speaker can be helpful as well. I hope your 2020 is even better than your awesome 2019!!


          I've thought about that as well and i am considering a reverse tree so it might be the best option for me.


          Congratulations, it sounds fantastic. Yes, I advise you to start another language. Italian is not bad as well. It encourages me to persevere as well. Need more flags too :)


          Do you do your reading in Portuguese. I discovered that reading in French re-awakened my desire to read fiction.


          WOW CONGRATS you have been keeping your streak for 6 years now that deserves a congratulations


          a good disscusion.i think this year was an good year for you


          Wow, congrats!!! And thank you for your beautiful words! Wish you that you'll realize all your goals!


          That's such an incredible achievement, well done! I hope the rest of the year goes just as well for you and that 2020 carries on in the same way!


          read every word with fascination. I also got some anxieties in the past and it's interesting how you've opened up and talk about it, glad to hear you are overcoming it. and wish you the best of luck and congrats on 6 years of consistency!


          Congrats on accomplishing many of your goals! I have been enjoying using duolingo. Every now and again, some days or weeks may go by without my using it, however, I am now consciously determined to practice it every day. I have been practicing Spanish sporadically for over 15 years! I am determined to become fluent in it. It has always been a goal of mine to know another language. It opens up ones world to a different culture and to learning many new things!


          Congratulations my friend!


          Wow! You are very dedicated!


          Fantastic achievement. and just as important great job in taking time to celebrate. I hope you get the chance to use it regularly.


          awesome job!!!


          That's incredible! Just curious, but have you finished all the courses learning Porugese?


          Congratulations on all your success! Your achievement is no easy feat and demonstrates courage, resolve and strength of character.

          Keep pushing and I wish you even more success moving forward. You are an inspiration to us all, Cheers!


          All right, let’s go! Way to stay at it!


          Addicted to Portuguese I see, can't blame you! Good luck with trying to do the same thing for another language.


          You are impressive


          That's amazing! Great job. Always like to see someone else learning 'Brazilian'


          I am happy for you that you had a good year and have remained persistent with your Duolingo lessons. What a great job you're doing! I wish you well. : )


          Congrats! Proud of you, random person. That is beyond awesome!


          Congratulations on all of your successes! Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration!




          Wow! Super awesome!


          wow very inspiring


          parabéns,gostariamuito de chegar a esse nível


          6 years without a day missed. Wow! I got up to 173 days - even managed to avoid losing my streak while getting heart surgery. Then I had to help my son with his homework, and forgot my own. Oh, well, I'm over that. Mostly.

          2 THOUSAND days is a huge accomplishment. And after 6 years, I would hope you are able to hold at least a simple conversation in Portugese. I salute your persistence in learning Portugese, and your new life as an employed person, and a car owner. Those are bigger steps than learning a language! :)

          All the best to you, friend.


          First great job. You have proved to yourself that if you decide do to something you can. In picking you next language ask yourself "How can I use this? " A job you have or would like to have is there a language that would help you advance in it? Maybe there is a place you'd want to live or visit allot? Maybe both of these. If you can use it every day in real life it would stick with you. Did you have something in mind when you picked Portuguese? If you went and movedto a place you would use Portuguese what other language if any would also be useful there.
          I picked Japanese because I'm going to go there next spring for 3 weeks and hopeful more later when i retire in a few years. I like watching Anime so I can use it there also. I like Star Trek also but not enough to use Klingon. But for some people they might just want to be able to speak it for the fun of it and that fine also. If you find a way to use it you won't lose it. If it helps pay the bills that's a plus. Good luck what ever you decide.


          Wow! I must say that's impressive! 6 years! I thought I was up there and I'm still a little short of 4. Keep it up! Which language is next on your agenda?


          I am so impressed! I just hit 600 days myself with such an inspiration, I plan to keep going. I am learning so much, not only other languages, but about my own (English) language and the cultures of the languages I am studying. I too have made a great effort to get fit physically as well as mentally (learning new languages) and I am feeling better in many ways at 67 than I did at 27. Keep up the good work!


          extremely impressive


          Wow! Congratulations! I just started using the app, you're such an inspiration, 6 yrs! I bet it's what spurred on your sudden interest in reading! I, like you were, am not much for reading books, but would love to become one of those who just gobble them up! Congrats once again on your great year!


          Great work! I'm going to be losing my 300 + day streak soon - there's not an easy way around it. But I'll build it up again soon enough.


          Wow! Sounds like a great year


          Congratulations !

          Best wishes !



          Congrats on a good year! How would you rate your Portuguese after learning it for 6 years, and did you take any additional courses for it?


          that is great i just lost my 247 day streak ): but good job for you(:


          That is amazing! Good job! I'm slowly making my way through French and hope that I continue the way that you did!


          Congrats, keep it up!

          However, I would like you to know that I have a 52 day streak. It took me seven years. Your accomplishment is nothing compared to mine! ;)


          You are achieving your goals! Awesome!


          How many languages can you speak by now.


          Impressive! Keep up the good work!


          Thanks for sharing. I've found working some Duo lessons is a great way to escape daily stress. Cheers.



          [deactivated user]

            Neat! Keep it up!

            [deactivated user]

              I'll give you a couple of lingots :)


              That's dedication! Proud of you!




              Imagine usar o google translate para tentar parecer que conhece um idioma. Quero dizer, honestamente ... eu nunca!

              [deactivated user]



                wow, that's great keep on doing what you do hopefully I end up as accomplished!!! (this is my first month in Duolingo)


                What a great story! Congratulations!


                Congratulations on the job, the car, the reading habit, the exercise program, and of course the 6 year anniversary with Duolingo. You must feel much more secure in this world than before, with income, mobility, stamina, knowledge. Salut!


                omg that's awesome!!! 6 years wow !!! here is some lingots for your accomplishment!!! keep it up!



                That's amazing. Seriously impressive


                So, 6 years in, how fluent are you? And by that I mean can you read Pessoa in the original (the only metric I personally care about)?


                Iv been on duolingo for 3 yrs now I decided to get back on boardered the learning train after having a new up to date insperation and on duolingo has helped me tremendously.


                Congratulations! I wish my 2019 had been as successful as yours! The only thing I found out this year is the amount of languages I wish to learn, and that I made the mistake of going to graduate school and will drop out and instead work towards becoming a public school teacher. Oh well, cheers to the long years ahead filled with success and Duo!


                I'm so happy for you! Its good to know someone's doing well. I lost an uncle and my mom lost most of her old friends. My anxiety has only gotten worse and now I can't go out really anywhere except the neighbors unless my family is with me. Best wishes, and congrats!


                Well, congratulations! What an accomplishment!


                what the world record for most days in a row? Cause I think this person beat it!



                There's quite a few people with massive streaks. The longest currently is 2483, held by 2 users.


                Great accomplishment indeed. :) Massive respect for your consistency and good luck with all life endeavours.


                How many times did streak freeze and streak repair save you from the embarrassment of starting over? When was the last time you had to use one of these features?

                [deactivated user]

                  Moo000 - she said she didn't use any. Must be Superhuman with good internet! Also Streak repairs are not an embarrassment. Mere mortals do need them you know! ;)


                  So proud! I hope to get a streak that high one day! I've had Duolingo for about 16 months or so, but I lost my streak like 3 times, but hope to maintain the one I have now. Good luck in the future!


                  Hi that's some going have you manged to become fluent in any language through duolingo?


                  Congrats! I'm about 110 days away from being on DL for a year.


                  Congratulations on your accomplishments. The dictionary should have your picture next to persistence.


                  that is so amazing! you are one determined dou-lingo user! that is just so awesome! great job! So supporting you! keep going! you should totally start a blog or something on learning a new language. It would be so interesting and maybe would inspire other people to learn a new language!


                  I've been using this site for about a year, I often have trouble keeping a consistent schedule and actually maintaining my streak, but I still find it very fulfilling to slowly learn these languages, and the more I learn and the more languages I vaguely understand, the better I feel. Practicing one language for six years can be just as impressive as studying a bunch over a couple years or literally hundreds over one year. No matter what you've accomplished, you're still improving your understanding of language, and doing something that most don't have the time, commitment, or even motive to do.


                  So cool! Congrats, and what have you learnt so fat?!

                  [deactivated user]

                    You mean "so far"? Just pointing out, you may have accidentally said "fat" instead of "far".


                    You are a great person, thank you for your great story, i feel the positivity to do the same as you did, go for it what you real want todo in your life. Many thanks, Manoj.


                    Try a non Germanic language Like Irish. That's where it gets difficult


                    Wow really incredible!


                    Congratulations. Amazing dedication to learning!!


                    Congratulations, you have much to be proud of. Thanks for share:)


                    I’m really happy for you. It’s wonderful that you set goals and followed through. That will be a goal of mine for the new year. It is great when things good good and I hope the rest of the year is even better. I enjoyed your story. ☺️


                    Did you learn portugese good enough to speak to locals (if you live in brazil or portugal)


                    Wow what an amazing determination! I wonder how many lessons you have left to finish your tree. But I think if I had a streak like that, it would be really stressful if I had to go somewhere where there might not be any Internet connection for example. That would be a shame to lose it all.


                    So encouraging! Thanks for sharing.


                    my question is when do you do your duo lingo? everyone has there one time. i do mine during school. lol. how about yall???

                    [deactivated user]

                      At the time of writing, she has 365 lingots...one for each day of the Earth year


                      Amazing! Keep up!


                      Congratulations on your successes , both in learning and in life . Hard work and dedication are valuable personality traits and it is a pleasure to see these traits rewarded with happiness, may you have continued success in all of your endeavours.


                      I'm really glad that things are going well for you. New jobs, books, fitness.....exciting!!

                      I am not as far along as you, but doing Duolingo is the first time I have ever been able to stay with a language also. And I can feel that I am learning. I go to some French meetups. I'm a little embarrassed because I can't say much, but it does help me learn.

                      Good luck and happiness in your new year


                      2433 days now! well done!


                      GREAT JOB!!! That is what you call a never give up attitude! I could only wish to have such a long streak!


                      When we have the power to freeze a streak it is no longer a streak.


                      Congrats! and keep it up!


                      I mean its nice that you have such a big streak but your XP shows that you only really get 15-30XP per day which is nothing special.


                      wow. My goal is 300 next. I wish one day i will reach that high streak.


                      HUGE Congratulations...It's AMAZING that you worked all this way to 2200 Days! Thumbs up and if you are considering an another language I'd say Swedish. I'm learning it and it's actually pretty easy, It's a mixture of English, a bit of German and even a little less of French. It might sound like a complicated language but it's surprisingly not. Anyway keep the streak going!...Even though you might finish the entire language itself but when you do consider Swedish. :)


                      WOW THIS IS A GREAT ACHIVEMENT You are working very hard Very nice Using streak does not feel good


                      wow... congratulations on everything! keep up the good work, hope 2021 finishes the way you planned.


                      question for all/anyone: ... how can you have a long streak without the internet EVERY day; went camping in the "sticks" and lost my 337 day streak. is there some way to put a "hold" on the streak when you know you won't have access to the internet? tried asking Duo but never got a reply. : (


                      Yeah, there's a way. My friend always asks her friend to do a single lesson on her account while she's away. So simple.


                      OMG You are on fire!!

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