Duolingo league XP points have stopped being added for tinycards

Have tinycards XP points been stopped being added to the duolingo league points for other people ? I spend hours on tinycards and even though I click on duolingo at the bottom of the tinycards page, the score doesn't change anymore.

October 28, 2019


I agree. I find Tiny cards very helpful as revision and, now that I have cut myself off from the league tables which only seem to work if you go over and over the stuff you already know, I would welcome the opportunity of being able to add to my personal tally with Tiny Cards. Please can we have it back Duolingo operatives?

I too really, really miss getting credit for my Tinycards study! Learning vocabulary is more important to me than translating the sentences, which are often quirky, weird, and idiomatic. For my particular language goals, vocabulary is much more important to me, so this makes me sad.

Thanks for the comments, it's a shame they've been stopped, but I agree the vocabulary is useful.

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