Lost my 342 day streak despite streak freeze equipped and inactive only yesterday

After the leagues were finished , Monday about 1a.m. i got back into my account and saw, i had forgotten to do a lesson on Sunday, and i was told: Your streak freeze is used! Get another one! Which i did, and then it said: Your streak is lost! (On Saturday I had made about 80XP, as to see on my time board)

I am angry and deluded, because the streak freeze guarantees a "full day of inactivity" If I had logged in BEFORE midnight, then my streak freeze would not have been used, but AFTER midnight I should lose my streak? It just can't be true.

It's impossible to contact you, but would you please take this serious?

best regards

P.S. Even if I had had the wish to buy a streak repair it would not have been possible for me, because I have no credit card P.P.S. If the lingots even can't help me to keep my streak for one day of inactivity, they are completely useless for me

October 28, 2019


I had that happen twice a year or so back (a 414 day streak). The first time I paid to fix it, the second time I said the heck with this and actually gave up Duolingo for six months.

October 29, 2019

Hello FieryCat, i now sent my bug report with screen shot, thanks for your tip so far!

October 29, 2019
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