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"The city of Damascus is a pretty city."

Translation:مَدينة دِمَشْق مَدينة جَميلة.

October 29, 2019



Shouldn't it be المدينة؟ The city?


No, because it's part of a genitive construction ("the city of Dimashq"), so the first word doesn't take the article (just like "the cat of the engjneer" for example).


The part of "is a pretty city" in the english sentence should be correctly translated as "هي مدينة جميلة" as the word "city" is automatically feminine and "pretty" in this sentence becomes feminine. So the full correct translation would be "مَدينة دِمَشْق هي مَدينة جَميلة"


مَدِيْنَةُ دِمَشْقَ مَدِيْنَةٌ جَمِيْلَةٌ

It is correct.

مَدِيْنَة: مبتدأ وعلامة رفعه ضمة ظاهرة وهو مضاف، دِمَشْق: مضاف إليه، "مَدِيْنَة": خبره، "جَمِيْلَة": نعت من مدينة.


City in Arabic is feminine, and the word pretty is translated wrongly


On the exercise has not been read by a human, the words how are totally differents and are mistakes. Please change the sounds to read by a human.


Cities in everyday English are not really 'pretty'. 'Lovely' or 'beautiful' are more appropriate. 'Pretty' is for a flower, dress or a picture of something/someone.


It’s not about what’s used mostly. It’s about what’s grammatically correct.

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