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Latin pronunciation


Could you show me a good site or freeware which pronounce the typed latin text rightly?

Thank you !

October 29, 2019



As far as I know, anyway, there is no good TTS ()text to speech) engine for Latin. The method that Google uses seems, or seemed the last time I checked, to be just their Italian TTS.

The rules for either (any) of the methods of pronunciation are not difficult. You could fairly easily become competent by learning the rules for the method you want to use and practicing on texts with macrons supplied, or using this "macronizer" to supply macrons for the Duolingo sentences. There are plenty of well-spoken Youtube Latin videos, too, to use as models, although there are also some poor ones.

Keep in mind that no one alive has ever heard an ancient Roman speak Latin, so for your spoken Latin to be understandable rather than "perfect" is all that is necessary. However IMHO the pronunciation of some people is preferable to that of others.

Generally Duo's audio is pretty good, although there is some variation in the method of pronunciation. It is much better than nothing. Why are you not happy with that?


on youtube you can find conversational latin


Could you give an example of that?

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