I just completed the Navajo course and got my first golden owl here on Duolingo! My tree is fully golden too! It was fun to learn this language.

There was not a lot on there. Quite a bit of repetition. But fun nonetheless. I hope that others will try it out. Perhaps they will add audio if enough people like the course. I would love to see more added to it. It was a bit difficult without audio to know how to say all of the words. I tried my best but I'm 99% sure I didn't say any of the words right.

I definitely recommend checking it out! It went by fairly quickly. I have a lot of free time though and I spend quite a bit of time on here. Anyone else taking the course? If so what do you think? Has anyone finished it yet?

It still shows that I'm only on level 10, so I will keep practicing to get all the way up to level 25 eventually.

October 29, 2019


I finished the course in May, now I have started to practise again because I found that my knowledge quickly and easily disappeared. The language is difficult and without the possibility to speak, learning is much less effective. So I can only repeat the prayer of every Navajo course participant: Please, please, add the audio at last!

Congratulations! I have also got my first golden owl in Navajo! With the course being so short, it is quite easy to do. However, I have only got the eleven skills up to Crown Level 1, so there is still a way to go to level the tree up to golden.

Without any audio or Tips and Notes, this is probably the worst course on Duolingo at the moment. With those two things added, and some more skills as well, it could be quite decent. But at the moment, I am frankly not getting a lot out of this course - certainly nowhere near as much as I am from most other courses I'm doing. And while it was nice to get the golden owl, it felt slightly hollow because of how short this course is, and because I haven't really attained any sort of knowledge or fluency in Navajo at all. (On the other hand, when I one day get golden owls for courses like French, Russian or Japanese, I'll really feel like I've properly earned them.)

Rather than an award for Navajo learning, I look on this particular golden owl as more of a reward for my one-year streak (which is only about a week away). But it will always have the distinction of being the first one I ever got. And the Navajo course will probably be the first one I get fully golden too (again, because of its very small size). But that's some way off yet. Once again, very well done to you on your achievement.

I just finished...but it's not permanently in there yet so gonna keep practicing!

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