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Confused about the course

I almost done the arabic course and somehow i felt confused about that because i cant figure out what exactly I am learning? Is this course clean MSA or it has some variations from other dialects? Why im so confused? Because Im trying to search for further options to learn and I found that they teach a little bit differently than I have here on Duolingo. So maybe anyone can explain all the thing how actual it is?
Big thanks for all of you, who spend their time to make it clear :) شُكْراً

October 29, 2019



I'm only at the beginig and i feel that i've progressed a lot, reading writing listenting and of course the grammer. i probably understand what you are talking about and advise you to use other platforms as well, such as Memrise, 5000 words in arabic, YouTube and some other sites you can find on th web. you can also use some notebooks to help you understanig the language and to memorize things better.. wish you luck. בהצלחה


I think it is just an introductory course. If you want to really read, speak, and write, it'd be better search for another sources, specially if you wanna learn a dialect


Not disagreeing with other commenters here—of course these fun gameified exercises cannot be taken as a substitute for a serious language course—but it would nevertheless be really helpful for Duolingo to make a clear statement about what decisions the authors of these lessons have made. At the moment they are kind of confusing—not because they're a different dialect than another book might use, but because they're not consistent. They seem to use some Egyptian grammar (e.g. personal pronouns ak/ik which are completely unlike standard Arabic), but pronunciation is not especially Egyptian (and is also completely inconsistent, even within a single exercise).

Some transparency please?

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