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"لا أَسْكُن في ٱلْبَيْت اَلْرَّخيص."

Translation:I do not live in the cheap house.

October 29, 2019



hey, this is nothing about this sentence (except that the hints for "cheap" were missing), but there is no place to report this on the lessons where it happens. So the lesson before this one was full of things we haven't had, AND WAY TOO TINY TO MAKE OUT--it is impossible to see what the diacritical markings are--AND no explanation of, all of a sudden, the elided alef. I am learning (or relearning) a lot in this course, but it is beyond frustrating that you have made your own system of transliteration, which really does not make sense. There is a standard system of transliteration which should be used, and all these 2s and 3s and just plain weird things...it has gotten to the point where one can't recall what is what. When there was just one of the weirdness per word, one could keep in mind, but now there are three or four in one word or two-word phrase, and it has become impossible to keep things straight. Witness, I have gone from missing none or just one per lesson (and that was usually on something that was too tiny to see) to making several "mistakes" on that last lesson. I happened to be doing that lesson on a computer, thankfully, but more often I have to use my phone to do a Duo lesson, in which case one is only allowed five mistakes and you are kicked off. I have chosen a minimum of 20 points per day, and if I am kicked off on one lesson, I can't even finish the lesson, let alone do another. And it doesn't always even give you the option of buying more hearts. So it is pretty frustrating. Basically, I can no longer do the Arabic on my phone-and I only have access to a computer about three days a week. In summary, while I am glad for this course, it seriously needs some tinkering to make it more viable. Making all the Arabic print legible shouldn't be hard AT ALL, when it is obvious that you have a font that actually works...the one you use for the "what sound does this word make?" Just use that for everything! And for the love of God/Allah: Please, please, please change to a standard transliteration system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_233 Also, I am barely literate in Arabic, let alone being miles from fluent, but I have never seen the weird thing before that you've transcribed as alif. (aa). I took Arabic for two years in college, and never saw that, so I'm wondering if that's something you made up as well? Or does your Arabic typewriter not have a standard alif sign, or what? Anyway, never saw that before, so that also threw me that it would be an "aa" as opposed to just an "a." One more thing...it would be EXTREMELY helpful to have a vocabulary list. Would be ever so grateful for one to be made, and even more so if it came BEFORE the lessons where we just have new words thrown in! TTTT, there is no way I could have gotten as far in this course as I am, if I hadn't had Arabic already. So I don't know how people are able to do it that haven't. I'm wondering how many people started and gave up. Please make some changes in this course so that it is helpful to more people. Because probably they, like me, really want to learn Arabic!!! Thank you.


Ar-rakhiiS is hintless. Why?

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