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Duolingo for iOS 4.0.3 fails to start


As a long-distance train commuter I was really glad when I saw this update and the work that was put into a better remote experience. But then, as of today, the app won't start anymore. Since it was working yesterday, I assume some server-side changes broke the iOS client.

June 25, 2014



Hi all! You may need to remove Duolingo and reinstall it again (do not worry you won't lose your progress). Sorry about that! Please let me know if after you have reinstalled the app the issue persists.


Seems to working now, thanks!


Thanks, mine is working too after the reinstallation.


Yep I did it and didn't lose any lingots =] Thank you!!


It is still working for me, at least as of this morning.


Still not working for me. It's an iPhone 4s, FWIW.


I've just checked and it is still ok with me. I have a 4s also. I haven't upgraded iOS yet but I do have an iPad air with the latest version of iOS and that is also working ok.

What exactly happens?


It shows the splash screen and then quits. All the other applications are behaving normally.


If we delete and re-install will we lose any info?


Yep! This happened to me as well. Was using it last night, when I woke up this morning I get the splash screen and CRASH! Using iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1.1 -- I restarted my phone several times to check and CRASH.


I am suffering from the same problem on my iPad (iOS 7.1.1). It was working last night, but this morning it just flash quit all the time.


I've got the same problem on my iPad Mini (iOS 7.1.1) since yesterday.


Mine won;t open on my iphone started today.What to do


I updated my app today and now it won't open. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it but it doesn't make a difference. Any advice?

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