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  5. "في ٱلْطّابِق اَلْثّاني"

"في ٱلْطّابِق اَلْثّاني"

Translation:on the second floor

October 29, 2019



Would be good if we had been taught the numbers earlier on!


What is the floor numeration in Arabic? Is there a ground floor and then goes the first floor or do they start with the first floor?


EvgenyGush, Arabs say الطابق الأول the first floor is the first floor ('start with the first floor') and not the ground floor.

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The "al-" in "floor" and "second" are not pronounced?


That's more or less right. It's all explained in the Tips of this chapter (At Home)


wish they had tips on the android app.. feel like i'm missing half the class


But you CAN get them. You can get the web version of duolingo on the android, and that's a great help. I think you just have to input duolingo.com/learn to access it. And then you get tips and all. But not hearts. But you can move from one to the other, I mean from the web version to the app. Good luck!


I don't understand (with some of the shams-words in general)..

if sb wants to say "fi TTabikh a(l)-THanii", without the first "al" on purpose, because it's possessive (ie. the floor of the Second One. whatever first or second here wants to refer to doesn't matter).

so how will I audibly notice the difference? because with those shams-words both, the "l" and the "a" of "la" get swallowed. "fi - (a)-(l)- TTabikh a(l)-Thanii", so it sounds exactly the same !?

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