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  5. "सब हँस रहे हैं।"

"सब हँस रहे हैं।"

Translation:Everyone is laughing.

October 29, 2019



Why is "All of them" marked wrong? Does it not mean everyone?

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I suppose 'all of them' refers to every person within some specific group denoted by 'them' while 'everyone' refers to every person without riders. You can translate 'All of them are laughing' as 'वे सब हॅंस रहे हैं'.

Eg: क्लास की लड़कियों को मेरा चुटकुला अच्छा लगा। वे सब हॅंस रही हैं। - The girls in the class liked my joke. All of them (ie, all the girls) are laughing.
मेरा चुटकुला बहुत अच्छा था। सब हँस रहे हैं। - My joke was very good. Everyone is laughing.

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