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"Contubernales in triclinio sunt."

Translation:The comrades are in a dining room.

October 29, 2019



Recline dining: Lectus TriclīnarusTriclīniumTria triclīnia in triclīniō • from Ancient Greek τρικλίνιον (triklínion), from τρεῖς ( treîs, three ) + κλίνω ( klínō, to lean ) • • Triclīnium - The Roman formal dining room in which three, room entryway facing, semi-circular placed, Klinē - Klinai ( Plural) - Lectus Triclīnarus - not Chaise Lounges but reclined and made comfortable with cushions and pillows, set on three sides around a low square table with the fourth side left open for service access. Each diner reclined on their left side, propped upon the pillows and cushions, while household slaves served multiple courses rushed out from the culīna


What would be "are in the dining room"


The same thing. There's no indefinite or definite article in Latin.


What is the difference between contubernales and comes?


what are they doing there?


Tasting fish sauce and fighting drunk parrots.

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