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Hi I am having problems with the Duolingo website. No 1- lessons are extremely slow to load initially and after each completed question 2- the audio sometimes doesn’t work at all or for only part of the sentence and I have to try and workout what the last word or words are. This is extremely frustrating and I have been close to giving up more than once but I have put a lot of time in to this and it is a struggle for me - I am not a natural . I have put in a report and was asked to send a screenshot which is impossible for these problems. I have checked my settings and the audio is on. I have a new iPad so not a computer problem.

October 29, 2019


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This might be an issue with wifi.

I agree. Could you try it with a different device or in a different location with good wifi?

Yes have tried at my daughters and still the same. My WiFi is good this is the only site I have a problem with.

WiFi is good have no problem with any other website .

Ah, ok. Maybe a problem with which web browser you use? Duolingo is designed for the most recent version of Google Chrome.


mobile app or website?

Quote: I have a new iPad so not a computer problem.

But people are continually posting that the Safari browser is a real problem with all the code updates to the web UI in 2019!!

Who knows how the audio behaves with Safari...

If you want to use a web browser with Duolingo, you need to stick to Google Chrome V77/V78, Mozilla Firefox Quantum (latest); you can also try "Microsoft Edge"!!
Other browsers (or older versions) do not seem to be tested from staff!!!

You should expect to run into multiple problems with Safari:

"No access to home":

I won't comment on the IOS mobile app.

Thank you for your reply and I use the website.

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