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    so i previously learnt the arabic language on youtube and then came here to duolingo to help me but its very different. the last letter of the arabic language is ya nut here in duolingo is pronounced as ii....guys what is going on. May someone please help me, the symbol is the same but the sounds are different please clarify this issue

    October 30, 2019


    You have to be patient with Arabic. First because it's letters are connected. Second , it's vocabulary is heavy ( practically, more than 300,000). Last, because the designers of the Arabic program in Duolingo are not efficient. I am Arabic and I can count dozens of mistakes in the program and I already informed the admin about that . Please, read carefully what Denae wrote. She knows well.

    The letters ya - ي and wow - و can be used as either vowels or consonants. As long vowels, the standardized spelling for ي is "ii" which sounds like "ee" in American English (nonstandardized dialect writing may use i or e or ee for ي as a long vowel), and for و it's "uu," each technically held twice as long as a short vowel shown as accent marks above or below the consonant they follow in speech (but often not emphasized in a noticeable way in everyday speech).

    When used as consonants, the ي sounds like "y" and the و sounds like "w" in American English. Examples include "yallah" or "wishah." The name "Yasmine" uses ي as a consonant "y" as the first letter and ي as the long vowel "ii" (sounds like "ee") as the "i" in the English spelling.

    Hope that helps!

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