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  5. "هَل عِنْدي بَلوزة؟"

"هَل عِنْدي بَلوزة؟"

Translation:Do I have a blouse?

October 30, 2019



This creator must have some philosophical talent to ask the question:" Do I have a blouse?"


Indeed this is one of life's big questions. And to take it a step further - has a blouse been worn if no one was there to see it? Is it even possible? Ah, this is mindblowing!


maybe because they don't know what a blouse is since that word isn't used mutch?


A blouse? What is this 1950? Nobody uses that term that I know of. Irrelevant sentence IMO. Teach something worth the time to learn. Do I have a blouse....


The word "blouse" is still used today


Not so often for Bob. It is most often associated with a woman's button up shirt.


I think they should probably accept "shirt" as a translation for بِلوزة since it is more commonly used nowadays, but "blouse" is probably a more literal translation.

I did a google image search for بِلوزة رجل and many images came up. They are all what I would probably call shirts.


In India, the word blouse is used ALL the time, for a specific type of tight women's shirt worn with a sari. But I understand that this word is no longer used so much in the native English speaking countries, but for others who are learning Arabic through English, but are also speakers of other languages, the word 'blouse' may be perfectly normal.


In Spanish it's "blusa" and it's widely used.


In Romanian, it's bluză. My guess is that like "garage" and "t-shirt", it's a word that an English speaker would understand. Would completing the Arabic language Duo Lingo course make me fluent? No, but it would help if I wanted to take courses further down the road, or go for a visit to an Arab speaking country. No perfect language course would be offered for free!


In Portuguese its "blusão". This term is widely used in South Brazil. But its an Arabic-English here. Not spanish nor Portuguese. In english blouse is not commonly used nowadays.


Do I have a shirt? I am a guy. Bob is a guy. Guys wear shirts. You can say blouse. I am familiar with languages. I will ask, Do I have a shirt (in my native language)FNA


How do you ask: Do you have my blouse?


The answers is not correct


Shouldn't this accept "Do I have a shirt as an answer?"

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