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  5. "Stephanus goes home."

"Stephanus goes home."

Translation:Stephanus domum it.

October 30, 2019



I don't really understand when to use domum


Domus is special in that it does not get paired with a preposition in these contexts (much like English):

  1. Domum eō = "I am going home" (that is, to my home)
  2. Domī sum = "I am home"/"I am at home"
  3. Domō veniō = "I am coming from home"

(1) is the accusative case, which can express motion towards something; (2) is the locative case, which is only used with some words, and expresses location (without motion); and (3) is the ablative case, which can express motion from something.


Why isn't 'Stephanus it domum' accepted? I thought it didn't matter which order the words go in?

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