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"حاسوب اَلْأُسْتاذة في مَكْتَب اَلْأُسْتاذة."

Translation:The professor's computer is in the professor's office.

October 30, 2019



I tried "The professor's computer is in her office" and it wasn't accepted. This provides context for the gender and is much less awkward than the given answer. Is it an acceptable translation?


If you were translating for a person, sure. But Duolingo is teaching us what the literal translation is. Otherwise we may learn it wrong. Gotta be precise


I didn't typed "the", in english you can skip those "the" and it says it's wrong


How would you say "The professor's computer in the professor's office" (say, as opposed to the professor's other computer, which is elsewhere)?


I tried "the professor's computer is in the professor's office" it is not accepted though the answer which is given is the same what I wrote


I am an Arabic native speaker and was having fun Trying this till i reached this sentence, we would never repeat the same noun in the same sentence twice, like most who commented here, we use pronoun like his her etc, this sentence is stupid


For the word professor in this sentence, why is it always 'ustadha' instead of 'ustadh'??


Indicates the professor is female

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