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  5. "Eles seguem seu pai."

"Eles seguem seu pai."

Translation:They follow their father.

April 23, 2013



conjugation table says it should be eles segam


That for sure wouldnt make sense!!!


Are you confusing "segar" with "seguir"? The first means "to mow or reap", the second means "to follow". Make sure you have the conjugation table for the right verb. If you roll your mouse over the word, you will see the hover hints and there is a tab for conjugate - click on it to see this verb conjugated correctly. You can also go to the Vocabulary tab on top. search for any word that you have seen in a lesson and click on the blue word for examples of use and scroll down for verb conjugations


I entered they follow their parent, like it was suggested... why is it wrong?


pai, in singular, means "father". Parents is always plural, pais. (which is also fathers).


Ok thanks, but why is it a suggestion then?


well, in English it work, but I don't think the same for Portuguese.


I think "his father" or "her father" would do as well, depending on the context


is "They follow their father." correct translation? if this translation is correct, portuguese must be "seus pai" or "pai deles". so i think correct translation is "your father","his father" or "her father".


Their= seu, sua, seus, suas. It agrees with the noun.

Their father = seu pai / o pai deles.

Their fathers = seus pais / os pais deles.

Seu pai = his, her, your, their father


i see,thanks! on the situation that "sua" means their, "eles" sugest just "they are brothers" doesn't it? i feel that "seu"(or "sua") is too complicated, so in brazil normaly use "o pai deles"...


I tried "parent" instead of "father" and it was wrong. What should we say if we want to say something like a parent when we do not know the gender?

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