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Can't Access New Stories with Duo Plus Account

Hello Everyone, I have finished all stories in Set 1. However, Set 2 is still not available. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

October 30, 2019


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There was a tweet I picked up today from Duolingo:

Announcing Duolingo Stories for iPhone! If you're learning Spanish, French, German, or Portuguese, enjoy collections of short, interactive tales to complement your Duolingo courses. Stories are also available on Web – and coming soon for iPad & Android!

I don't know if this may be relevant.

Also, if you are accessing stories through an app, please check if you have the most up to date app.


Thanks for sharing. Right now, I can only view the stories on the web. However, I will be excited when I can access them on my phone too.


What stories? Spanish?

Try it on the web: https://stories.duolingo.com

Quote: However, Set 2 is still not available.

This could either mean that one story from set #1 is not finished or you did not score high enough (if a different rating is possible).

Try to find a ungolden story in your first set.

Maybe the lesson did not finish properly and the completion-state is not valid.

I have heard that there are some problems occassionally with lessons not registering correctly or stories not being marked as completed.

If all fails: Make a screenshot of your set #1.


I am in the Spanish course.


What browser do you use?
What version and on what operating system?


Thanks for your reply Thomas. I went through all the stories using my PC. Chrome is the browser. I didn't miss any questions. However, after going back, it looks like one story didn't save. I will go back and complete it again. Hopefully, that will do the trick.

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