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Arabic language for German people

Hello everybody, I am German and there is no possibility to learn the Arabic language, except for the English people. On a web page I found an explanation of somebody, that there are only five million Germans, who are using Duolingo. Well, in Germany there are now many people, migrants from Syria etc, talking the Arabic language. And it would really be very helpful for us Germans who want to learn the Arabic language with German as a home language. Arabian people may learn German but German people may not learn Arabic without being able to speak English. This really is a pity for them and for me. I myself will later on not be able to go further as I am learning english, yes, but there are to many words which I don't know with to many gramatical mistakes n my side.

There are more and more german people in my hometown, who want to learn arab, but don't speak English.

Therefore it would be really very nice and helpful, if this could be startet for me and many others. Especially as we are many volunteer workers for all the arabian migrants.

5 Million users are still a lot of people, no?

Thank you if somebody could answer this, as I do not know where to locate this question and Hello from Marie from Germany

October 30, 2019



Have a look at this post with FAQs containing in particular how you can request new language courses https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/1426103 (4. "Where do I find out about/request NEW LANGUAGES"). I wish you good luck, but I do not think that there is a big demand for a German/Arabic course.


Oh thank you very much, dear Hilda, for your help.


There sadly won't be an Arabic course any time soon. There isn't even an Italian course yet. Another problem: The refugees in Germany come from different Arabic speaking countries, which have their distinct dialects and a lot of them might not even speak the MSA. Even though I'd greatly appreciate such a course, it just won't be made.


refugees and immigrants, of course


I agree, we really need to get alot mor aggressiv about creating new Duo courses for speakers of different languages. If we had an "Arabic for German Speakers" course, i think a substantial number of people would use it -- enuf to justify creating it. After all, ~100M people speak German.


Actually, they can not say how many people would like to learn Arabic from German because not everybody will register before the course is available. But besides this I am afraid too that we have far too less Arabic speaking people who knows German well enough, are able to speak MSA and have time for creating a course. And a second course in this quality would really not make sense at all. Furthermore, For Germany it would be more important to put more pressure on Google that Google will support the TTS engine also here. If we would have this feature then we would have a really good chance to learn Arabic in a normal speed and in a proper way and would not depend on an Arabic course in this low quality. Suggestion, how about to offer your help with the German part for creating an Arabic course, maybe than might be any Arabic person able and willing to work on an Arabic course with getting help for the German language?


I think Germans who can't speak English properly should at first take care of their English. Afterwards it is not such a big problem to join the Arabic course for English-speakers. It stays all in the beginner-level anyway (as far as I know)

Yes, an extra course for German speakers would be more comfortable. (learning by an Arabic-German book and joining an Arab class is more comfortable anyway)


Habe mich schon öfter gemeldet dafür, aber kriege nie eine Antwort.. Ich würde es sehr gerne machen und der englische Kurs gefällt mir gar nicht. Ich finde ihn sehr schlecht >.

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