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Arabic tree is Beta?

I'd like to know if the Arabic tree is only a beta and if it's possible that in the future it will get an update and the tree will expand..

October 30, 2019



Being in beta doesn't necessarily have to do with the length of the tree. A course leaves beta once the number of reported sentences per number of users sinks under a certain level for a certain amount of time. This happened some while ago for the Arabic course, so even though the tree is pretty short, the course is no longer in beta.

I do think the tree will be expanded eventually, but that will probably take time. In addition, the new tree will then be A/B tested, meaning some users will get the new tree and duolingo will monitor if the new tree inproves learning before releasing the new version to all users. That will take more time.


well, the audio definitely needs fixing. so basically the tree is really short, although it's pretty difficult, its better for me, being a native Hebrew speaker I get the hang of it. and I believe that I don't need to get all the courses at level 5. anyways thanks for the answer.

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