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  5. "leghchuq torgh mara je."

"leghchuq torgh mara je."

Translation:Torg and Mara saw each other.

October 30, 2019



Mara and throg and throg and mara is The same think


Most of the time, either would be fine. There may be times when the person saying the sentence has a reason whey they want to list one person before the other. In those instances, there is a difference. But more importantly, we are trying to make a point about Klingon grammar. Some aspects of Klingon grammar are reversed in order from how it is done in English. But other aspects of Klingon grammar are in the same order as English. Some aspects can go in different orders in both languages (for example choosing who's name to list first, as in this case). To stress the point that not everything should be placed in reverse order, when both languages allow a choice in order, we ask that users keep the order the same in the translation. It's not a necessary difference in most language teaching, but we feel it is a useful tool in teaching Klingon. So please translate torgh mara je as "Torg and Mara" and translate mara torgh je as "Mara and Torg" (and vice versa).

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