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  5. Do you say "ma" or "shu"?


Do you say "ma" or "shu"?

when asking somone their name do you use the word شو or ما . beeing in Israel, it's known that they use the word شو rather than ما, is that right or is that only the dialect. because on duolingo it teaches to say ما اسمك... same about the word for where, is it "ayin" or "wen"?


October 30, 2019



in local accent we use (شو)..... but in the classical Arabic you must use (ما )


Sounds like the lebanese dialect.


I honestly don't know.. all I know is that they speak a little different than the MSA as I mentioned


Standard Arabic to ask use ''ma'', and if you said it, all Arabs will know that you ask.. "shu'', ''shinu'', ''sh'', ''shanhu'', ''eesh'' are from public Arabic, and they are from different dialects... ''eesh'' is very popular in a lot of places.. "shu'' is from Shami dialect that include Syria and Jordan, also Egypt use it.

In summary use what do you want, but use ''ma'' more for people that might don't understand ''shu'' and they will.


you're welcome:)


Hello. You must be aware that Duolingo teaches MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) which is a sort of standarized arabic due to the multiple dialects.

MSA and most of the "western" arabic dialects use "ma" instead of "Shu" .

Jordans and mostly syrians use "shu" . Due to the conflict in Syria, they spread across other countries so you might hear people using "Shu" in multiple countries.

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