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  5. "SuQ Darghvam 'ach 'ey!"

"SuQ Darghvam 'ach 'ey!"

Translation:This tea is toxic but it's delicious!

October 30, 2019



Darghvam vutpu' vlaDImIr putIn

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SuQ is being pronounced chuQ. You can figure it out by chuQ not being a word, but still, it's definitely being pronounced t͡ʃuq͡χ and not ʂuq͡χ


The sound does start a little abruptly and I can see how the ear might hear that as beginning with a plosive, but it sounds more like an S to me. I think this may be within the realm of normal variation and is late enough in the course that it might be time to allow some of the more naturally pronounced sounds to be expressed. Since it's one of Qov's recordings, I'll tag her and let her decide whether to re-record it or not.


I'm not hearing what you're hearing, but admit that it may be because I know what it says and what I said.

I think I may have started speaking slightly before the tap to start the recording was complete, so that the sudden onset or the sound of the tap (which I don't hear) sounds like a dental tap.

Given that you've gone to the trouble of coming here, explaining you issue with it, and even getting your keyboard to do IPA, I'll re-record. It will take a few days to go "live" as Duolingo doesn't update recordings right away, and I can't guarantee you'll like it better, but let me know what you think if you do hear the new version. I'm all self conscious now, so who knows what I'll say. :-)

Thank you for the feedback, and do continue to report what doesn't sound right. qoq jIHbe'mo' reH pupbe' mu'meywIj, DIvI' Hol, tlhIngan Hol joq vIjatlhtaHvIS.


And if you come across a bunch of words in the choH wa' section where you can probably tell that I'm smiling while I'm talking, it's because I did them right after this and was thinking about it too hard. When I start thinking about the sounds I'm making as you make them instead of just reading the words, it it is very weird.

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