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Advanced Spanish

Where can I learn more advanced Spanish?

July 27, 2012



I agree with nick, I have been watching Futurama again, but now in spanish! http://www.futuramaonline.com.ar/

There are links to other shows there too.

It is fun to watch again, and practice trying to keep up with what is being said.


Try watching Spanish television. If there is none available in your country, you can always try online television. I frequently watch the news and other programs on rtve.es which has a large range of viewing options. Although, this is not really formal teaching, just practice at understanding actual spoken Spanish. I hope this helps somewhat.


i watch spanish t.v. all the time. you could also listen to spanish language music. another thing that i find helpful is having spanish subtitles for any movie i watch in english. i can compare what is said with the subtitles. sometimes the subtitles are great and sometimes not, but always enlightening.

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