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The legendary achievement

I'm trying to get the legendary achievement (finish first in the diamond league) i'm trying to get this achievement I have four days left until the diamond league ends and right now I gave up i'm currently second in the leaderboard and the current winner is 1000 xp away I practiced in the obsidian league and I got second and now I gave up. Duolingo needs to remove this hideous achievement or replace for a different achievement and it's unfair. I know it's just an achievement but I need to get my progress done. Shame on you Duolingo!

October 30, 2019



I agree with you. It is unrealistic to suggest that a typical Duolingo user can get that, only people who use loopholes and similar concepts can get enough xp to get to the top of the diamond league.


I totally agree. I'm in the Diamond League also, and first place already has 13,110 XP. I only started on Monday! If you get that much XP that fast, you probably aren't learning. :|


How do you get that much xp jeez


I usually have a week of earning a lot of XP (5,000 - 8,000), and then a week of earning not very much XP (1,000 - 2,000). This week isn't my big week.

Anyway, during the big week, I usually shoot for 1,000-2,000 XP per day. I am deeply motivated, and usually have a lot of time in a day to do it. One of my goals is to get pretty far in the XP Hall of Fame (https://www.duome.eu/xp), so I try to get a lot of XP. If you don't have much time to earn XP, and are busy, then you don't need to earn a lot of XP. Earning 1,000-2,000 XP per day takes a lot of time, and is hard - unless, of course, you keep on doing the easy story over and over again, like I did to promote to the Diamond League, but that isn't really learning, and is still time consuming.

Anyway, according to Duome, you have been created for 2 months. I have been created for 9 months. Going at your current pace, you will have more XP than I have now in nine months - so keep on learning!

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