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Hutlh and ghaj

I have a question about Hutlh, ghaj, and how to express the state of not having in Klingon. This stems from a question I left on the exercise Cowards are without honor, but the discussion was old and I think my comment may have been lost in the shuffle. If not, please feel free to disregard this one as well, it's definitely not my intention to just be louder by asking a second time.

Basically I'm wondering if there's a negated or change-of-state version of ghaj that could express much of the same meaning as the verb this course uses, Hutlh. Would ghajHa' for example, express she once had something but has lost it? Or would ghajbe' ever be appropriate for describing a person that lacks either a material item or a personal quality? I'm perfectly happy using Hutlh in this course, just wondering if that's a grammatical rule in Klingon, or a useful teaching tool in this course.

Another question I added to an older discussion was whether there's a quja’ for iOS. I found a (super cool) pIqaD app and it’s working well, but if there's a quja’ keyboard, that'd be super helpful when I'm accessing Duolingo via my phone.

Thanks so much as always (I know, this and the entire first paragraph of this post are very un-Klingon, but some of my language habits are deeply ingrained).

October 30, 2019



Hutlh and ghajbe' are synonymous. ghajHa' is weird, and might mean something like you have it, but actually you picked up the wrong one; or you have it, but you're not possessing it correctly.


Ah, okay. That’s much more straightforward than I was thinking. Thank you!


For honour in particular, there's a noun chIvo' meaning total lack of honour. We've seen it used with the verb chIw epitomize.


Ha! The ultimate Klingon insult — and one to remember.

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