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  5. "puq tungHa'be' loDnI'."

"puq tungHa'be' loDnI'."

Translation:The brother does not encourage the child.

October 30, 2019



I would imagine this sentence sounds as awkward as the English The brother does not discourage the child.


Neither sounds awkward to me. Are you trying to contrast it to saying 'The brother encourages the child'? They mean different things. 'The brother does not discourage the child' is neutral in terms of what it says about the subject's encouraging versus discouraging of the subject. It does not state that the brother encourages the child. It merely states he does not discourage him. There is nothing awkward about that. I can see many scenarios where the sentence would be useful in real life.


Yes, the sentence The brother does not discourage the child. Is syntactically correct and unambiguous, and differentiated from The brother encourage the child.. But it has a strange double negative that is weird to parse. Double negatives make sentences awkward.

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