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"Christmas and Easter are Catholics' and Christians' holy days."

Translation:Natal dan Paskah adalah hari raya orang Katolik dan orang Kristen.

October 30, 2019



Catholics are Christians, so it is incorrect to distinguish them in this way. You could say "Catholics and other Christians" but it is probably simplest to just say "Christmas and Easter are Christian holy days."


It is framed this way because evidently "Kristen" is how Protestants are characterized in Indonesia.


Hi Paul, Thanks for that clarification. As that is the case, then the translation of "Kristen" should be "Protestant", with the whole translation being "Christmas and Easter are Catholic and Protestant holy days." Regards


My pleasure. I actually read about this difference of "Katolik" and "Kristen" in another discussion of an answer in the Spiritual lesson.


Doesn't "hari raya" mean holidays rather than holy days?


Do 'holy days' are even usually used in english?

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