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Arabic language update?

Hello! First of all, thank you so so much to the contributors to the Arabic course! I love it so much, and cruised through it. I’ve learned more Arabic from duolingo than anywhere else!

I’m wondering when we can expect an update? I must confess I haven’t gone into duolingo in probably a week because I’m tired of just maintaining skills...... I have a duolingo premium account and don’t feel like I’m getting any use out of it. ☹️

October 30, 2019



Excellent question. Many would like to know when more lessons and levels will be added. I hope it doesn’t take as long as it did to add the course which they mentioned doing back in 2015 :(


I second that...coming from a background of having taken two semesters over a decade ago, I'm looking forward to re-learning the tenses beyond the present. Thankful for what's currently available though!


100% completion in Arabic! أنا متحمس جدا

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