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  5. "Ela pede pelo menino."

"Ela pede pelo menino."

Translation:She asks for the boy.

April 24, 2013



Does it translate as:

  1. She asks about the boy

  2. The boy has a question and she asks it for him.

  3. She wants the boy.

I think that in English "She asks for the boy" could be any of the 3.


1 - Ela pergunta pelo menino.

2 - Ela pergunta pelo menino.

3 - Ela pede pelo menino.

Pedir = to ask for something, but not to ask a question.

Perguntar = ask a question


Could this also be 'She orders for the boy', assuming they are at a restaurant?


I originally put "She orders for the boy" but it got marked incorrect. I assumed pede was the same as the Spanish pide. Am I wrong?


I would say that this means she is asking ABOUT the boy.

Although JcMcgee is probably right it could be any one of the three. I think its handy to remember that just as the wording for these phrases could be different in Portuguese and mean different things, when translated its exactly the same way, context would define the situation. There are a lot of arguments about context of phrases on here and to be frank thats not really the issue its - whether it translates in to a phrase that makes any sense at all does. The more duolingo gives me phrases that can be used in multiple contexts the better, it means for now I have to remember less to communicate more!


I wish more people like JCMcGee to be here to help me out with phrases with many meanings. All people's mother tongue is not English, you know :D

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