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Missing answers?

Is anyone else having problems with some of the questions on mobile version (French)? I keep getting those ones where you are supposed to put words from a selection into a sentence, but the mobile version is only giving me two options (which have the wrong audio attached), and they're not the ones that fit. It's making it impossible to finish lessons, which is very annoying! Website version has the same questions but with more possible answers and they work fine.

October 31, 2019



I use the mobile version of French everyday and so far had no problems.


iOS or Android?


Mine aren't working properly, either. Recently, if the question has two blanks, the app only give me two tiles. The tiles' text matches what should go in the blank, but the audio doesn't. When I put the tiles in their appropriate places, apparently the app takes the audio as the actual value of the tile, so despite putting "chien" in a blank, it thinks I put in "promenent" or something. Because there are only two tiles, I get it wrong and I can't move on, so I lose all the progress I made on that level.

I've restarted my phone, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but nothing seems to have resolved it.



Besides posting here in Troubleshooting you can create a ticket and submit the bug report (for the mobile app) here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Include as many detail informations (OS, app version, behaviour to reproduce, screenshot, video, etc.) as possible.

You can also link existing threads.
There have been a few from users including the French forum.

Only posting on the forums will very likely not fix it as the related app developers might not scan it but only refer to their bug queue with priorities.

Usually none of the admins (or very rarely) acknowledge or confirm the issue on the forum and that they are already working on it or not and when the issue is fixed and in which version.


Thanks for the heads up, bug reported!

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