Using Duolingo on my ipad is challenging. Is Duolingo considering an app? I love this program..

July 27, 2012


We have an iPad app coming out soon. We're currently working on launching the Android app in May. Lots is on the way!

Just a plus 1, I'm eagerly looking forward to the iPad app. I can't wait. Keep up the good work!

Yes, they're working on it. They posted a screenshot on their facebook page earlier this month.

No iPad app after 6 months? :(

We need ipad soon; my eyes are squinting

Please, an iPad version please. Using the iPhone app on an iPad is giving me a headache :)

hello, when ipad version is coming? i need improve english.

Duolingo is so good, but please hurry with the iPad app - I am getting small screen eye strain!

It not Ipad app, but yes app iphone. Doulingo is so good.

It seems like I'm doing the same exercises all the time. Getting kind of boring

Me too, I love duolingo

Este programa me gusta tanto que me ha animado nuevamente, sin darme ni cuenta a aprender disfrutando. Saludos a todos los foros

I double Ryanl321 concern. Why not an app for iPad? Please!,,

You'll all be happy to hear that on July 11th our iPad app is coming out! :)

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