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Idafa Construction: MSA or Dialect?

مَرْحَباً, Dear residents of DuoLingo Is the Arabic course teaching some kind of genitive/possesive construction? Definitely, it isn't the idafa (اَلْإِضَافَةُ), since it should have all the necessary endings like kesrah (definite form) and tanwin kesrah (indefinite form/proper names).

So, is this a dialect or am I getting it wrong?


October 31, 2019



In the Arabic language, the word that leads to Kesrah and Tanwin Kesrah, is called Majrur (مَجرور). There are two categories of Majrurat (مَجرورات) in Arabic:

1- genitive/possesive construction (مضاف و مضاف الیه). for example: کتاب المحمدِ، کتاب محمدٍ، منضدة الطالبِ

2- The word that comes after the Jar letters ( حروف جَر) that are called (جار و مجرور). these letters are included: مِن (from) - اِلی (to) - فی (in) - لِ (for) - بِ (by) - عَن (about) - عَلی (on) - کَ (as). for example: الی المدرسهِ، فی المکتبهِ، من جانبٍ

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To what I see in this course, they re not focusing really on grammar and proper MSA. They are like dishing out a "traveler's Arabic" where it is a mix of dialectical words and standard Arabic, regardless of grammar.

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