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Question about the hearts system

Hi guys

So I've been using the duolingo app on Android for a few months now. I though since I use the app at home a lot, I'd download the app on my iPad too. When I downloaded the iOS app, I noticed that it had the hearts system. I tried this for a bit, but since it felt just annoying and stressful, I though "oh well, guess I'll just use the app on my Android phone instead, since then I don't have to deal with the hearts thing". But when I open the app on my android, the heart system is now there too!

October 31, 2019



i've been seeing the "hearts" complaints in the forum since i've registered. i don't have them (yet?), but i feel sad and anxious before each update fearing that they added it. hope it's all a big scary joke :)


Can relate. It appeared when I logged in on the iOS app, so that might be good to avoid :) Apparently duolingo added it for better pacing, and to avoid "lesson-binging". The hearts just stresses me out when I make mistakes, and it sucks when you get an answer right, but the wording is wrong and it counts as wrong (this is the case with a lot of questions in the polish course)


Yeah, it is a pain. At first I had it on my IPAD but not on my Android phone, so tried using my phone of IPAD , but shortly after the hearts came to my android also. I use the apps mainly for practice where I do not have to deal with the hearts. You can log into the website and either your IPAD or PHONE and do the LEARN from there, and it will not have the hearts.


Ah, I understand.. Then I will use the browser version of duo on my phone/tablet instead! :) I can't say I understand the way they use the hearts, and I gather from reading other posts that people generally don't like it either

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