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Words, the new tab

My friend has a new tab, up right next to the Home tab and it's called "words". There he can find all his learned words and their strenght. The problem is: I don't have it! Why??

June 25, 2014



They are testing it on a subset of users. If the test goes well they'll roll it out to everyone eventually.


How long do tests like these usually go for? What would make them decide not to have this feature?


There are still a few bugs with the feature.

For example, several words that I have just practiced still say the strength is "overdue" and that I haven't practiced them in 3-4 months. Other words note that I practiced them yesterday, but the strength is still "overdue." And when I strengthen weak words, it doesn't always give me words that need strengthening, but words that are already strengthened. Hopefully, the bugs are fixed before they roll it out completely!


Me too; I'm really not finding it very useful as it is!


I've requested access to it but they don't want to give it to everyone. I really don't care about the strength indicator, I used to use it mainly as assistance learning new words and reviewing them outside of the lesson. It helps me to learn new vocabulary by studying the patterns of the words and seeing them together. My ability to acquire new vocabulary has really been hampered since they took it away the first time.


Sure wish I had that function to practice. My 11 y/o has it and he is going to get smarter than me! :-}


Hopefully all the annoying bits will soon be sorted and everyone will have it; at the moment it is a bit of a mixed blessing!

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