"My shirts are white."

Translation:Le mie camicie sono bianche.

April 24, 2013

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Why can't I say "I miei camici sono bianchi"?


Masc. Singular -> -o Masc. Plural -> -i

Fem. Singular -> -a Fem. Plural -> -e

For example: [Masculine nouns] Uomo = Man Uomini = Men (Notice that the singular ends in "o," and the plural ends in "i.")

For example: [Feminine nouns] Donna = Woman Donne = Women (Notice that the singular ends in "a," and the plural ends in "e.")

Since the word SHIRT is CAMICIA in Italian (meaning "shirt" is a singular feminine noun,) the plural form will always and forever be CAMICIE.

Now, WHITE is one of the colors (like RED,) that will change form to agree with whatever it is describing.

For example: [Colors that change] Orologio rosso = Red watch Pantaloni rossi = Red pants (Notice that the ending of the word for RED in Italian will change depending on gender and amount.) - It is the same with white.

On the other hand, there are also colors that will not change to agree (for reasons unknown to me, but definitely available under a proper search.)

For example: [Colors that don't change] Portafolgio verde = Green wallet Elefanti verde = Green elephants (Notice that the ending of the word for GREEN in Italian will not change depending on gender or amount.) - It is the same with pink.

**Hope this helps


I've noticed there are some words (nouns and adjectives, I think) which add a "ch_" in certain conjugation. Is there are rule somewhere for when you do so?


If the singular has a hard "c" sound, the plural will change to "ch" in order to keep that sound. If the plural of "bianca" were "biance", the "c" would be soft. So "h" is added to make the "c" hard.


check this link for forming plural adjectives exceptions: http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare128b.htm

La mia camicia รจ bianca / Le mie cimicie sono bianche


If everyone read the TIPS section at beginning of each lesson section, a lot of your redundant questions would be answered!!!


Some sentences that include "mine" in plural form are translated to "i miei" and others are translated to "i mie". How it works?


I mie does not exist. Le mie if these things are female or i miei if they are male.


What is the difference between camicie and maglie? I have seen both meaning shirts


There is overlap so i thought seeing some related words might help.

Camicia (camicie) - shirt, top Comicetta - blouse (loose and usually gathered at the waist, usually for women and pirates) Comicia con colletto - collared shirt (dress shirt) Camicia di lana - a wool shirt

Maglia - jersey, sweater, or vest Maglia di lana - wool sweater Maglione - sweater, usually knit and long sleeve Maglietta - undershirt, t-shirt Maglietta da tennis - a tennis shirt

Felpa - sweatshirt Felpa con cappuccio - hoodie, hooded sweatshirt

And don't forget your coat and jacket! cappotto e giacca.

Hope it helps.


Great explanation. Love your reference to 'comicette' being worn by women and pirates. They must have been top garment in the wardrobes of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, (in?)famous English pirates!


Why did you say mine is wtobg when ir is the same as what you saud??????????


Twice get with it

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