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"The dirty boys do not go into the atrium."

Translation:Pueri sordidi in atrium non eunt.

October 31, 2019



Lots of words for "go into" : ire + in + accus. (eunt), also with prefix inire (ineunt), also intrare (intrant), ingredi (ingrediuntur)....


thanks, Susann. Very helpful!


Surely it is either 'ad atrium' or 'in atrio'?


Rather, it's "in atrium" if there is actual motion INTO the atrium.

It can only be "in atrio" if they are already LOCATED IN the atrium.

(In is a rare preposition--though it also happens with sub--which is constructed with both accusative and ablative, depending on the meaning you want: into the atrium = in + accus. / in the atrium = in + abl.)

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