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Halloween videos in Intermediate Latin [4th added, from this year]

Here are a few videos about Halloween, presented in intermediate Latin, from Daniel Pettersson's Latinitium website:

Horrenda atque Timenda - Roman Ghosts
Duae Fabulae Horrendae - Swedish Ghosts
Ars Horrendi - the Art of Shuddering
Eques - the Rider

The third video has English subtitles, so you can follow it even without much Latin.

And a couple more videos on scary subjects:

Venificae Paschales - Easter Witches
Monstra Marina - Sea Monsters

His Latin is fluent, and his pronunciation is almost always very clear. IMHO, just what we learners need!

[Added: This year's video, "Eques."]

October 31, 2019



Wow... I never thought Latin was spoken like this! Very interesting and a talented person!


He has a long series of videos to enjoy, all in this very approachable Latin.

You may enjoy some of the Latin links listed here (if you click on SHOW MORE, below the video).


You're welcome. I hope you enjoyed them!

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