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Thank you so much for the new japanese tree!

i just wanted to express my gratitude to the people who worked on the new japanese tree, it definitely is a lot better, because we can learn more advanced japanese, which makes me really happy. Thank you so much !!!

October 31, 2019



Agreed! Was a bit of a shame to see my very nearly completed old tree come undone, but that's no price to pay compared to how expansive the new tree is! And it's FREE!


You're welcome! :]


We all definitely appreciate their effort. Thank you to everyone who worked on it!


Ooh, I didn’t know about this. Can’t wait to check it out! The old one wasn’t too bad but it was lacking a bit compared to other trees.


Yeah, the new tree is much better. We're only missing speaking exercises and stories now.


Yes, thank you so much Japanese team! The new tree is so awesome!


Just one weird thing about the Japanese course - what's the point in learning a kanji for "Shigeru"....??


i think it is a very common name, like honda. I don't know if you are there yet, but later on you learn the kanji for shibuya, ikebukuro and nagoya, which are all places in japan. I can imagine it is very helpful when traveling there


I started the Japanese course today, it's very hard , I think I'll need to learn the alphabet first...


Duolingo should teach you the alphabet very well, but the later courses are harder.


If you approach it as an "alphabet" you're going to be very surprised. The three syllabaries that you will learn in this course should not be mistaken as alphabets. Think of them as characters representing sounds, not letters representing words.

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