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Arabic skill tree completed- what's next ?

I have now finished the Arabic skill tree... is that it in Arabic on DL ?

October 31, 2019



Well, there's the reverse tree. I feel like I'm learning a lot more arabic on the ar-en than on the en-ar. This is partly because it exposes you to a lot more "this is how arabic speakers expect to see arabic" arabic, and partly because it's a much longer and more in depth tree than the en-ar. That said, it takes a lot more time and concentration for me to complete an ar-en lesson than an en-ar lesson and I'm not always up for that much work, haha. I'm going through the reverse tree much more slowly.


Also, I made a super simple google form for myself that is basically a bullet journal. I try to write at least one thing in arabic each day. The timestamp on the google form submission lets me chart my own "streak" with the journal. You could try something like that to maintain the proficiency you acquired gilding the DL en-ar tree.

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