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Audio doesn't seem right. Is it just me?

When listening to the exercises and identifying sounds, some sounds are just like a consonant, and I find it hard to distinguish what it actually is. Is this just me? Is it my crappy internet connection out in the Aussie bush? Is this what Arabic sounds like?

For example:

وَ ="and"

I'm just hearing a "blip" sound.

Apologies for the poor explanation.

October 31, 2019



I'm currently learning French, and there are some difficulties I have experienced as well. For example, whenever I press on "le" (the), the audio plays something that sounds like a full sentence. Well, I went on google translate and played the audio for it, and it came up with something like this "leah postruff" in a French accent. Nice to hear I'm not the only one hearing all this weird stuff!!


Yes, I've been hearing lots of blips with audio on everything, it seems. I have to press the button again to hear the complete sentence.


there are many problems with Arabic course. You are right. not even the blips, but pronunciation of some words and letters even in first levels are totally wrong. for example in some exercises the pronunciation of دور is said as /dawwar/ which is totally wrong.

Due is teaching wrong way of letters and words. BE AWARE


Thanks for the info.

I think I'll take a break from this course for now, and come back later if/when it's updated.


Unfortunately, there are many wrong audios in the Arabic course. And when I go through older lessons it seems that even once good audios are now wrong. It seems that more and more audios are going to changed to the TTS engine and is not going to be corrected when it is wrong. In short, don't trust the sound, means do not learn the words you hear them here, especially with the vowels. Just take the sound for getting used to the melody of the language and learn also with other websites or apps. ;-)


وَ ="and" Should sound like wa with a short a

When I have a bad connection the audio doesn’t always load...visuals load faster than audio...so if you are having trouble, pause before you begin the lesson and try to let your audio catch up. Usually if the audio plays in the beginning of a lesson it will work all the way through for me.

That being said, there were a couple of times in the Arabic course that the corresponding audio file simply wasn’t there. In time these things will be ironed out.

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