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  5. "أَيْن أَنْتَ يا بوب؟"

"أَيْن أَنْتَ يا بوب؟"

Translation:Where are you, Bob?

November 1, 2019



I'd like to know what the difference is between the two available forms of '2ant'. Based on the spelling, it looks like one would be '2anti' and the other would be '2anta', and they both were being pronounced the same. I picked the correct one by chance.

November 1, 2019


They both mean you (2nd pers. sing. subject). أنتَ /ʔæn.ta/ (pronounced 'nta' in most Arabic variants) is masculine and أنتِ /ʔæn.ti/ (pronounced 'nti' in most Arabic variants) is feminine.

November 1, 2019
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