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Students have Gold assignments. Won't give them credit even if they do it.


I have students who have maxed out a number of skills and made them gold. When I assign them to Level Up a Skill, it doesn't register that they have completed it. Now if they try to do the any lessons in the skill, it doesn't give them any credit and remains at 0 lessons completed.

These students have sent me screen shots showing that they have made lessons gold. When I look under course progress, it doesn't show that they've fully leveled up any skills.

Is there a way someone can help me fix these issues? Students are doing the work but not getting credit.


November 1, 2019



I have been having the same problem. It used to say that they had completed the assignment, but now it says they haven't started it,


They have to get all five levels completed in order for them to still get gold. But it will not give them credit if they do it over again. They can practice and get XP but it will not show that they have learned anything new.


When I look at their information, it says that they have done nothing, not even started a single lesson even though they are clearly gold. Yes, they can practice, but it isn't helping me record their progress.


Currently having the same problem. Student has skill golden, yet assignment shows has no being started.

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